Speed reducer gearbox

We offer high precision speed reducer gearbox at best value.

High-quality Speed Reducer Gearbox

There are a large selection of gearboxes and speed reducers for a wide variety of applications which require high torque and slow speed. All of our Transmission Speed Reducers have excellent quality and power. Get the best deals on Industrial Gearboxes & Speed Reducers.

What About The Speed Reducer Gearbox?

Worm gear reducers, available in direct or indirect drive, are used in low to moderate horsepower applications to reduce speeds and increase torque.Also Available in right-angle, parallel and combination outputs. triple-reduction worm gear speed reducers are available in ratios from 5000:1 to 175000:1 and center distances from 7” to 20”.Planetary gear reducers have gears arranged with a centrally-located, externally-toothed sun gear that meshes with one or more planet gears.Our right-angle gearmotors and reducers feature state-of-the-art efficient gearing. Find inline gear reduction box, linkbelt gear reducers, baldor dodge speed reducers & more in varied dimension.

What is the purpose using Speed reducer gearbox?

Compared to a High Speed Gear Reducer, Speed reducer gearbox is used to reduce the speed of the input, from the motor or some drives, while also multiplying the torque the input values to the speed reducer output shaft or the driven mechanism We manufacture different types of speed reducers, designed to increase the torque and reduce load speed of your electric motors. It provide high quality, low price products. When designing a speed reducer, no matter the application. In another word, A gear reducer increases the torque and reduce the speed of a motor. A hollow shaft reducer provides a center thru-hole with a component type configuration for system design flexibility and space saving options. Find your electric motor gear reducer easily amongst the 45 products from the china leading brands.









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